Thai Style MassageThai Herbal Compress Massage

What is Thai Herbal Compress Massage?
Thai Herbal Compress Massage is a unique treatment. Heated herbal compresses are used with specially blended coconut oil and essential oils to give a deep, detoxing, relaxing massage.

The Herbal compresses (called ‘Prakop’ in Thai) are hand made using only natural dried plants, peel, leaves, roots, grass stems and other extracts found in Thailand. These are carefully wrapped in pure cotton to create firm compresses ready to be heated gently by steam to infuse the contents of the herbs and plants together.

How does it work?
This massage treats the main Sen channels helping to release stagnant energy and blockages enabling the body to function to its optimum level. With the use of specific techniques of patting, pounding, pressing, pummeling and drainage the channels are stimulated allowing a better flow of energy.

How can it help?
Thai Herbal Compress Massage can help with lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, relieve muscle pain, improve skin condition, ease respiratory congestion, stimulate digestive system, help mental alertness, ease joint pain and give a complete sense of well-being.