Daoyin Tao MassageDaoyin Tao Massage

What is Daoyin Tao ?
Daoyin Tao (pronounced Dow-yin TOW as in TOWn) is a Chinese Face, Neck and Shoulder massage, an amazing new therapy recognised by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners.

Daoyin Tao is a synergy of softened and adapted traditional Chinese and modern Western massage techniques which creates a subtle yet powerful harmonius blend.

Daoyin Tao offers a totally holistic therapy experience ideally suited to meet the needs of many people suffering with today's common ailments. It not only relaxes to a deep core level but also provides healing on all of the holistic levels - Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Daoyin Tao helps sufferers of common ailments requiring pain relief, decongestion, deep relaxation, revitalisation and rejuvenating.

Reliable results can be easily achieved with Daoyin Tao, when a course or regular treatments are taken.

How does it work ?
The deep healing effects of Daoyin Tao can improve digestion, circulation and back problems despite the fact that only the face, neck, shoulders and scalp (optional) are treated.

Meridians and acupoints are used in the massage in Daoyin Tao. Chinese medicine suggests acupoints, also called chi points, are where energy collects along a meridian - a meridian is a path of energy linking every aspect of the body - which run throughout the body.

By working the acupoints energy is encouraged to either gather, release or disperse enabling healing and health to manifest.

How can it help?
Physical Conditions treatable with Daoyin Tao are Neck and Shoulder Tension, Frozen/Stiff Shoulders, Arthritis in neck and shoulders, Whiplash, Headaches, Migraine and Tinnitus.

Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Conditions are Depression, Self Esteem and Self -worth, De-Stresses, Insomnia, Helping with Physic blocks, Opens and cleanses Charkas and helps healing through visionary journey.