Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage

Relaxing Calming Recharging Improved alertness

What is Indian Head Massage?
Massage has always played a great part in Indian life and can be found in Ayurevedic texts dating back as far as 4,000 years.

As an important medical function, massage helps encourage a state of balance through mind, body and spirit. The tradition of giving massage within the Indian family is still an important ritual today as it was then.

"Champi" (head massage) was also offered by barbers as an extra part of their service. It has been developed over centuries and was formulated in the 1970's by Narendra Mehta a blind therapist.

In its current format it has 2 versions:

1) a 40 minute full Indian Head Massage

2) a 20 minute stress busting Indian Head Massage, the latter more commonly found in the workplace or at exhibitions to employ a quick fix recharge.

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How does it work?
With the client fully clothed and seated on a chair giving access to the back, Indian Head Massage works on the upper back, neck, arms, head, face and top energy centres of the body. These areas are vulnerable to and often badly affected by stress.

Oils can be used in the massage of the scalp to treat different conditions e.g. dandruff, dry hair or excessive oily scalp, but are not essential. The affects of Indian Head Massage are felt throughout the body, physiologically, psychologically and for some spiritually.

How can it help?
This therapy is extremely effective for the treatment of stress and stress related conditions.

Indian Head Massage works on areas that accumulate tension and stress that respond well to the release of such through massage. Indian Head Massage works with and affects the physical, mental and more subtle energy levels of the body.

Physically it can help with the immediate relief from muscle tension/stress - improved circulation to brain - stimulates hair growth - toxin removal from stressed muscles - improved joint mobility - whole body relaxation.

Mentally can relieve panic attacks - headaches - anxiety - helps with insomnia and depression - improves concentration - relief from mental tiredness and irritability - de-stressing of the mind and clearer thinking.

It can also create a greater awareness of inner self!